A Little Something Extra

Monday, May 5, 2008

Urgent Update from Jennie

6:45pm - Micah is still in surgery. The valve repair took longer than expected. They had to put him back on the heart/lung bypass machine twice. They've given him extra medications to help his lungs because they are not responding well. But they've now taken out his canula's so they believe that he will not need the bypass again. They might need to keep his chest open tonight. He's apparently quite swollen. We haven't seen him since we handed him over at 8:45am. It's been a long day.


Andrea Van Ye said...

Dear Jennie and Mark:

Just checked the Blog for an update. Am praying. So sorry that it is taking so long, and that things are very stressful. Praying for God's peace and for strength for you both, as well as strength and courage for little, dear Micah.

Love you all,
Andrea Van Ye for all

Christine said...

I have been checking your blog all day to see how Micah is doing. We are praying for Micah and the rest of your family.

Lisa Graf said...

Jennie, I've been praying for Micah and your family all day. Praying that God will be with your surgeon and also with you and Mark through this time - obviously with Micah, as well! I'll continue to lift all of you up in prayer!