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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Myanmar relief

On a separate note... we have a dear friend who is a doctor in Myanmar. I've known Bill since 1993 and he emceed our wedding reception.

Bill was in Thailand when the cyclone hit. He has finally been able to get back into Myanmar to assess the damage. I'm hesitant to post his entire letter, but suffice it to say that all of their orphanages have been affected. There will be many more people who will die from lack of water and food. It's been difficult for foreign aid to get to places where it is most needed. But I know that money sent to Bill's organization will actually reach people who have been affected because he and his group live and work there. They are beginning with purchases of rice, beans, cooking oil, candles, water treatment kits, plastic sheeting and charcoal. They also need to rent vehicles and cellphones.

If you would like to give to the relief effort there are 2 options. You can give by credit card on their website at www.asiaheartbeat.org or send a check by mail to Asia Heartbeat, PO Box 63720, Colorado Springs, CO 80962-3720. Asia Heartbeat's overhead is minimal, and your money will go directly to relief efforts if you so desire.

Thank you for praying for Bill, his wife, the staff and children at the orphanages, as well as the rest of the country of Myanmar.

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