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Monday, May 5, 2008

Update on Micah

Here's the latest from Jennie:

9:30am - Micah is currently in surgery. The surgeon's nurse just came out to tell us that they're still placing lines in him and that he'll be on bypass in another hour or so. The surgeon told us this morning that we would likely not see her come out until about 3 or 4 this afternoon. She will use an artificial patch to repair the VSD (hole between the ventricles), Micah's pericardial tissue to repair the ASD (hole between the atria), and stitches to repair the valves.
Micah had a terrible night last night. In retrospect, we should have slept at home last night and driven down here early this morning because none of us got any sleep. Micah cried a lot. Then as I was moving him in the crib, I got his g-tube caught on my shirt which caused his mic-key button to come out (again). Yes, it's true. Micah's 4th trip to the ER was the morning of his open-heart surgery. Mark took him in (guess it's a good thing we were across the street). There wasn't an open seat in the waiting room and the wait was estimated at 3 hours. Mark asked if he could take Micah somewhere that wouldn't be around all the sick people (after months of keeping him away from illnesses, the last thing we need is for him to get sick this week). They had mercy on him and ended up putting a tube in his belly immediately instead of making them wait. They would have taken his mic-key button out during surgery anyway. But it was quite kind of them to just take care of it in triage so that they could get out of there. And I think they appreciated getting a smile and a thank-you out of Mark, since most people they see at 1:00am are not smiling.
As soon as his button came out, Micah stopped crying. You would think the opposite would occur, since it surely is painful for it to come out. But really, how much of his current tummy trouble is that his mic-key button is bothersome? Micah was talkative with the nurses and doctors this morning... such a sweet boy.
Thanks for praying for our little guy.


Susan said...

I have been checking back throughout the day. I will continue to pray for sweet Micah!

ATLKrafts said...

we've been thinking of you all day