A Little Something Extra

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Micah is having a good day today. They took out his chest tubes this morning and he didn't enjoy that at all, but then they took him off the CPAP around lunchtime and he's doing great. Another line was removed and they're now giving him food through his feeding tube. He still doesn't have much of a voice and there's some concern about nerve damage so they're wary of letting him take anything orally yet. But there are now only two things that need to happen before he will be released to the floor: 1) remove the CV line and 2) wean him off one more heart med and replace with another that isn't on a continuous drip.

So it looks like he might be moved to the floor tomorrow. Praise God! After that, I think there are two more major things that need to happen before he's released: 1) increase his feeds to full volume and have him "tolerate" the feeds (aka, no puking or screaming) and 2) no more oxygen.

He's kicking his legs, moving his head, and even SMILING. Can you believe it? It's amazing how much better he must feel today. Once his CV line is out, we'll be able to hold him with ease. Mark is coming down tonight. My mom is heading home tomorrow so she's going to bring Nathan here on her way through Milwaukee. I'll spend the day with Nathan and Mark will spend the day with Micah. Then Mark will take Nathan back to Neenah and Mark's mom will take care of Nathan on Thursday and Friday. Maybe we'll even get to bring Micah home on Friday or Saturday!

Enjoy the new photos... I certainly do!
Trying to rip off his nasal cannula (he's frequently successful, but I'm trying to keep him calm enough so that they don't have to put the nasty patches on his temples)

He occasionally looks like he's trying to lick the cannula off his face

This is the closest thing to a smile I could capture on film

Thanks for praying for our little guy. He's made huge steps forward today.


Kacey Bode said...

Ahhh, such cute pictures!! Well, sure sounds like he is doing so good today, Praise God indeed!!! We will keep praying for him! Hope you all get to go home soon!!!

The Allberts said...

Jennie and Mark, These new photos completely melted my heart. Micah is SO precious. I have been thinking about him and praying for you all so much. I can certainly relate to the stress and frustration of watching your little guy go through so much and feelng helpless. Praise the Lord that he is on the cannula. We will keep praying!!!!

Michelle said...

Jennie, he looks GREAT!! And adorable! I'm glad he's feeling better today.

Our Joyful Adventure said...

He's so precious! I'm still praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...

He looks wonderful!!!
We've been praying for Micah and your entire family... a little extra prayer for Nathan to get him through this as well. He looked very happy on Mother's Day...My mom and chocolate pudding still make me smile:)
Danielle M and gang

Kris said...

Oh, what wonderful news!!! This really made my day. Micah, your pictures warm our hearts and certainly bring back memories for us. You just keep on improving and we'll keep the prayers coming on our end. We are so excited for the upcoming news that you will soon be out of PICU. We so remember those milestones of getting lines out. As the lines come out, one by one, you get your sweet baby back. Erin's last attachment was the oxygen, which she needed right up to the day before she left. Then, within 10 days, she was eating like a champ, which is what we're praying for with Micah. Blessings, Kris

Taylor Davis said...

I'm *so* glad to hear that he seems to be feeling better. We're continuing to pray for him.

Love the pictures!

Andrea Marcks said...

I LOVE the pictures! He looks so much more content and happy (if that's possible). :-) I'm so glad he is feeling better - he is still adorable, no matter what!

Beth said...

So thankful he is having such a good day!!!!! I love the last picture - before I read your caption, the first thing I thought was "what a cute grin"!!!!!! Here's hoping that all continues to go well. You're in our thoughts and prayers!!!

ATLKrafts said...

he is so cute!

Tracy V said...

Yeah for Micah! I am thrilled that he is doing soooo wonderfully! He is the cutest little guy!! I will keep you in our prayers for a speedy recovery--I just know that he will do great!
Tracy V.

Anonymous said...

I am so joyful that sweet little Micah is on the up!! He is just absolutely precious, and it fills my heart to know that he is doing so well. Many prayers on continued recovery!!!