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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Micah's weekend experiences

(I wrote this hours ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting)

Yeah! Micah was extubated yesterday. There was an area of one lung that had collapsed. He had to get some extra pumps of 100% oxygen. He did fairly well yesterday (Saturday), but he was put on high-flow oxygen after just a couple of hours. Then this morning they took him off the narcotics and he was more than irritable when we arrived this morning (if his voice was working, we would likely have heard him down the hall because he was screaming but unable to make noise). His blood pressure was crazy high. He's had some more oxygenation issues today so now he's on CPAP (looks like a football helmet with a snorkel on the nose). Ugh. Are we ever going to get out of the PICU?

But... when he was irritable this morning, he actually orally took two bottles of two ounces each. Rock on, little guy! He hasn't done that in two months. Now we just need to get him off the CPAP so that he can eat again (he can't eat while on CPAP). It stunk having a new piece of equipment enter his room (and they're not comfortable taking away the ventilator yet so it's not as if the CPAP replaced anything). He's no longer on one-to-one care from a nursing perpective. But we're still in the PICU.

Micah was so agitated this morning that we didn't feel we could leave him alone. So Mark stayed behind while I went to brunch with Nathan, my mom, Mark's parents, Mark's brother, and my brother and his fiance. It was great to be with everyone at lunch, especially my little Nathan, but I missed Mark and Micah. It had been a week since the four of us were all together. And no luck for a Mother's Day surprise to check out of the hospital. But enjoy the new photos:

Alert on Friday morning for the first time

Saturday before extubation with his lion (thanks, B family!)

Saturday after extubation (he just wanted to lick his thumb but he wasn't quite strong enough to get his hand to his face without help)

Resting on Saturday

Attempting to hold Micah on Saturday (it didn't work... he was so uncomfortable I just cried)

Nathan at brunch (chocolate pudding did a job on his face)

Mother's Day with my boys (before addition of CPAP)

Happy Mother's Day, all you moms out there. Snuggle 'em if you got 'em. And to those of you for whom Mother's Day is somewhat sad because your mom or your child is with Jesus instead of with you, or you're missing a child you've been dreaming of for so long, may you find rest and peace in Christ.


Michelle said...

I'm so glad he's making progress! I can't even imagine how stressful this must be. Thanks for keeping us updated - little Micah is in our thoughts! (and the rest of his family, too, of course!)

Amy said...

Micah is so beautiful...look at that sweet face!

Thanks for the pictures and all the details. We love you guys! I know that Mother's Day did not go at all how we'd hoped, but God gave you some big blessings, all the same. Love what you said about Mother's Day.

Love and prayers from all of us.

Melanie said...

Thanks for the update and the pictures. Great to see his eyes open. It was so hard to hear about the pain he is in. I can't imagine watching my child in so much pain. We continue to think of you and your family.

Princess Abigail .... said...

I just read your blog from beginning to now.
I am truly touched.
Micah, you are a real star.
I look forward to reading of your progress, blessed as you are by a gorgeous family.
I hope you don't mind - I've hyperlinked you to my blog so I can keep a good eye on how you are doing!
Take care - speak soon
Abigail, Aged 2, in France

Andrea Marcks said...

Happy Mother's Day - even if it wasn't what you had hoped for. I'm glad he is getting better - he looks so much better than he did last Monday. Look at what 1 week has done!!!! Pretty soon he'll be running around and you'll wonder how time has gone so fast! Take care and like always, many prayers are being said.

Patti said...

Praise the Lord for Micah's successful surgery. He truly is a warrior!! We will continue to pray for his healing and recovery, as well as for you, Mark and Nathan. Thanks for sharing your journey. We love you.