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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh So Sad - Pray for the Chapman family

I cannot imagine how absolutely devastating it would be to lose a child to a horrible accident, especially at such a young age. Steven Curtis Chapman, Christian recording artist, and his wife, MaryBeth, lost their youngest child, Maria, to a tragic accident in their driveway. Apparently one of their sons did not see Maria in the driveway and his vehicle struck and killed her yesterday.

The Chapman's have been adoption advocates since adopting their first of three girls from China (they also have three biological children). You can see a photo of their family on their website: www.stevencurtischapman.com. Please pray for their family as they grieve. And pray especially for their son involved in this tragedy... that God would meet him in his distress and help him feel God's immense love for him (I don't know which son, but it's either Will Franklin or Caleb). Their eldest daughter, Emily, was recently engaged last weekend so pray for her and her fiance as well.

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