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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Quick Update on Micah-Thursday Morning

The PA came in this morning and said they had a surgical case cancellation this morning so they're going to do Micah's exploration at 9:45am instead of 2:00. Please pray that goes well and that the surgeon is able to close his chest. He's still very swollen this morning, but he's starting to move a bit. He was moving his tongue and wiggling his hand a bit so I put his little hand by his mouth. He started moving his tongue more. Sweet little boy.

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Kris said...

More prayers coming your way for the exploritory surgery. Jennie, I saw Dr. S yesterday and I mentioned how I was praying for Micah. She mentioned her own prayers for him as well, and sounded so confident when she said that with a little time he was going to do fine. Nurse Michelle also had Micah's name written on her hand...I think he's on a lot of minds this week! With that new heart, and lots of healing, you'll be holding your sweet little boy again soon! God bless, Kris