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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy at home

It's been a bit hectic around here this week, and I apologize for the delay in an update. We're adjusting to life back at home as well as preparing for my brother, Jim's, wedding this weekend. On Sunday we have some family and friends coming up here to visit so we're frantically trying to clean our house. But don't worry... we're not going to exert any effort in cooking. Welcome to Wisconsin... enjoy some brats and beer on our deck. And we'll throw in some potato salad and cole slaw from the grocery store, along with some frozen custard from Culver's. Can't cope with cooking yet.

Micah hasn't taken any milk from a bottle since last Wednesday, I think (I wish I had asked for copies of everything while he was in the hospital). If a few drops of milk drip from the bottle into his mouth, he inevitably gags. He gags also on occasion due to what appears to be post-nasal drip congestion. He gags also on his own saliva if he decides to suck on a pacifier. So in we go for another swallow study. At what point do I get concerned about the amount of radiation this kid has been exposed to?

Micah's sleeping has improved each night since he has gotten home (the first night, he woke up about every hour... it was quite tiring). We are going against all sleeping advice for babies and are letting him sleep occasionally in his swing because it keeps him elevated and reduces the number of times he wakes up coughing or gagging.

But the smiles are increasing in number, along with the number of hours he's awake during the day. He doesn't poop out as easily as before his heart surgery. He's a very forgiving little guy. One minute he's miserable with the gagging thing, the next minute he's smiling at you.

I want to go home!!! (taken 5/16)

Smiling at Uncle Jim (and soon-to-be-aunt Jen)

This is Crazy Mike, a CV PA (cardiovascular physician assistant). He didn't actually close Micah's chest, but for some reason he liked hanging around us. I think he just felt guilty for calling Micah a "she" when he first met Micah in the PICU.

Check out the eyelashes

Meet Dr. G. She was Micah's critical care doctor during most of his time in the PICU. She was a great advocate for Micah.

There are so many people I wish I had photographed while there. I'd say "maybe next time," but I'd really rather there not be a next time (though there probably will be).


Michelle said...

Micah looks great! I can't believe how big he is, it's been months since I met him. I hope you're all enjoying being home! Maybe we can get together for a visit sometime soon!

Take care!

Melanie said...

Welcome home!! We're glad to hear that some things are improving for him. He looks great!!
Hope we see you soon!

Our Joyful Adventure said...

Glad that you are all home! All of my boys slept in swings quite a lot as babies. Sometimes you just have to do what works for you at the time. I'll be praying for Micah!

Beth said...

Micah looks great!!!! Glad things are going ok at home. Thinking and praying for you guys!

Andrea Marcks said...

He looks 100 times better!!!! He's adorable still - those eyelashes!! Don't feel bad about letting him sleep in the swing. YOU need to do what YOU can to feel rested - he also needs the rest and if he's more comfortable in the swing, THAT'S OKAY! Jilian spent the first month of her life in the swing, and Laney spent the first 2 months of her life in the vibrating bouncy chair. I'm so glad you guys are home. Let me know if I can bring another meal.....