A Little Something Extra

Monday, January 10, 2011

Nella's goal

I realize that many of my readers have a child with designer genes.  If that's you, then you've probably already heard about this through the blogosphere or Facebook.

Kelle Hampton has a baby girl named Nella.  She was born almost one year ago and much to her family's surprise, she came sporting an extra pesky and perky 21st chromosome.  Kelle's writing of Nella's birth story is legendary and it's only one year old.

On Friday, Kelle launched a fundraiser for NDSS (National Down Syndrome Society).  She shared photos of some of our kiddos with designer genes.  Page down a bit and you'll find a photo of our special little man. :-)  Anyway... her initial goal was to raise $15,000.  That was done in about 24 hours.  She's raised the goal to $30,000.  And as I write this blog post, THAT GOAL has almost been reached.

Do you want to be part of something amazing?  Consider donating just $5 to help spread awareness that our little guy is more alike than different.  And spend some time on Kelle's blog if you have a few moments.  But I'm warning you... you'll get sucked in.  She's an amazing photographer and has a fun spirit that will cause you to read more and more.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Birthday Eve

Yes, it's been too long since I last posted.  I'm sharing a computer with Mark these days (more on that later), and his need for this piece of machinery is much more significant than my own.  So, though I've downloaded photos from Christmas, etc., I have not had time to edit (aka, shrink) the photos to post on here.

You'll have to settle for one picture of me and Micah, my almost-three-year-old (his birthday is TOMORROW!... well, probably "today" given when most of you will be reading this blog posting).  There's a lot to share about him (i.e. starting school, lots of improvements in speech and gross motor skills, becoming quite the class clown, telling me to "pay attention," completely healthy December, etc.).  But details will have to come later as Mark is going to soon wake up from his nightly power snooze in Nathan's bed (happens every night... Mark falls asleep putting Nathan to bed long before Nathan falls asleep).

Love you, little man.