A Little Something Extra

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Photos of Micah

Check out my scar and my cool headgear! (pay no attention to the nasty bruises from my IV lines)

Don't I look like a baby Kramer getting cross-eyed? (finally, a sponge bath and hair wash yesterday!)


Suzy said...

Oh, Jennie, seeing his picture makes me want to cuddle Micah also! He'll be in your arms again before you know it. I continue to pray hard for Micah and his recovery.

Heidi J Selch said...

Hi Jennie...
Micah is such a tough little guy! We think about you guys daily & check the blog often.

Christine said...

So glad Micah is doing better. We are continuing to pray for him to heal and be able to go home soon.