A Little Something Extra

Saturday, May 17, 2008


When I mentioned yesterday that we'll be missing Micah's coos that we heard before his surgery, I didn't mean to imply that he won't be able to talk. He is able to make sounds... the sounds are just raspy compared to before. And he's now taken to growling, so rather than being our courageous lion, we might have to call him our bear cub.

The ENT doc came in this morning to see if I had any additional questions. He was trying to be encouraging that we would actually be able to go home soon, whereas other babies in a similar circumstance would not because their parents would be struggling this week about placing a g-tube. But Micah already has a g-tube, so he'll get to go home. It was as if he expected me to be thankful that Micah already has a g-tube. Can't quite get to "thankful" that he has one because he needs it. But I am definitely thankful that the technology exists. If it didn't, I don't think our little guy would be alive (I'm actually not sure how long ng-tubes vs. g-tubes have existed, but I think you get my point).

So speaking of going home... MONDAY! Micah is scheduled for a sedated echocardiogram at 7:15am on Monday. If all looks good, he will be discharged on Monday afternoon. Yay!


Princess Abigail .... said...

Hey Micah, I'm sending out heaps of positive vibes for you, ok???

Andrea Marcks said...

Holy cow - what next?! I sure hope his vocal cord situation improves - he's shown remarkable progress so far, so I'm thinking that he'll be 100%!!!! He's such a cute little guy and so strong! I hope that everything turns out great tomorrow morning and that you guys can go home tomorrow afternoon. When things calm down, I'd love to bring you another meal and give you some company (I'll leave my kids at home). Take care and my prayers are still with you all.

Kris said...

YEAH!! You're coming home! That is so great! Now we will all just watch your energy level go up, now that you have that new heart, Miach! I can only imagine how much better you must feel now that your heart is not working so hard. I'm so sorry to hear about the vocal chords. Micah you have been through so much, it breaks my heart to hear that you'll have to be dealing with this new issue. But you've proven yourself to be quite the strong little guy, the little trouper. You'll probably show us all how well you can overcome this setback too, with your little bear growl and all. We'll be praying that your vocal chord heals, or improves!

Beth said...

Wow - poor little guy!! Hoping and praying that everything improves and that you do get to go home!!!

Jonathan said...

Micah, it's Monday, so we're praying you're on your way home, little buddy!