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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nathan's reaction

We talked to Nathan over the weekend about him getting another sibling.

Mommy: "Nathan, do you know we're getting another baby?"
Nathan: "A baby sister!?"
Mommy: "No, buddy, a baby brother."
Nathan: "I don't want another brother."

In Nathan's defense, Micah has required more than any baby's fair share of time and sacrifice. Nathan has had to make lots of sacrifices this year. His brother has spent 3 months in the hospital. We were stuck at home before Micah's heart surgery and couldn't go anywhere around other people (and it was too cold to go to the park).

It's difficult for a 3-year-old to understand that not all baby brothers take Mommy and Daddy away from home, etc. So I guess the proof will be in the pudding for him.

By the way... as soon as the schedule at my OB's office comes out, we'll be scheduling the c-section for the first week of February.


Jonathan said...


If you get a boy and I get a girl, we can trade. I am convinced that we need a boy over here.


Mindy said...

Oh, poor Nathan. I'm sure he'll come around. A February baby! What a great idea. :) (you may remember that Owen wasn't born til March, and I know Micah was January...)

Jean said...

My son Jacob desperately wanted a sister too. Well, he got two boys And a girl. After the kids got more mobile, they were all his favorite.

He'll come around.

Take care!

Princess Abigail said...

I think its also a 'boy' thing. My first son, William, was immensely annoyed that his next sibling was a brother, not a sister. When I announced the arrival of number three, they calmly informed us that if it was a boy they would punch him out of the family (how nice). Maybe boys also have a turf - territory thing that isn't so pronounced in girls.

Tell your Nathan that there is a Nathan here in France who totally understands how he feels!!

All our love

Ami said...

Poor Nathan. I've been praying that his reaction would be a positive one - and will continue to pray that he'll adjust to the idea of another brother. We were nervous about telling LK he was getting a sister - and he accepted the idea (despite having said that 'girls are disgusting') pretty quickly. It's so hard to believe that you're only a few weeks behind me - and that we're so close!