A Little Something Extra

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I missed a post yesterday. There's not much new to report. Micah hasn't slept well at all lately. He screams overnight with belly pain. We're guessing it's gas and/or constipation due to changing formulas. Whatever it is, it's awful to see him in such pain. He didn't offer up many smiles this morning, but he felt much better after he filled his diaper and took a nap.

I'll try to post some more photos tomorrow.


Kaitlin said...

Dear Jennie,
I am a college student and was looking at trying to find blogs about vocal cord paralysis. I read that one of your sons has vocal cord paralysis. I had a tumor about 2 years ago on my vagus nerve that completely paralyzed my right vocal cord. I will not have any ability to have the vocal cord to work again. I just wanted to tell you if he still has the vocal cord paralysis that it does get better over time. My body for the first year had to assimilate with only the one vocal cord. I have had eating problems(wasn't able to keep down liquids for about 2 months after surgery) and food. And I had a really high voice for about a year. But over time, my body did accomodate some what. I still have problems from it but I wanted to tell you that it does get better over time. The body heals and God Bless. Have a wonderful day.

paige said...

Jennie ~ we were on babycenter at the same time... Mindy recently gave me a link to your blog & i love it here. Your son is a dolly & we'll be praying to see some positive changes soon. (was solace)

Kris said...

I'm sorry Micah is not sleeping well. I guess that means you're also not sleeping well, Jennie and Mark :(. Just wanting you to know that we're still keeping you in prayer. Kris