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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Please vote

You'll see on the left bar there's a place to vote on whether you think our next baby is a boy or a girl. Please vote. We'll release the answer on Saturday at noon. Yes, we know the answer, but you'll have to wait until Saturday to find out. I meant to post the poll earlier, but we've been a bit busy with Micah in the hospital.

edited to add: Micah's feeding rate has been increased gradually for the past two days. He is now at "full feeds," though that's with a lower rate over 24 hours rather than his regular rate at 21 hours per day. We'll go home on the 24-hour rate and work on raising the rate next week so that he can have a few hours a day off the pump again soon. Anyway... they want to watch him on "full feeds" for 24 hours, which would mean we should be able to check out of the hospital tomorrow afternoon. Yay! He's a much happier baby... smiling lots, but he grumps at the physical therapist. He's very weak but I'm hoping he bounces back soon. The prevailing theory about what caused him to be so sick is that he had some sort of virus last week that shut down his intestines. Yikes. It's not even viral season yet. This could be a long winter... Fortunately, he qualifies for another year of RSV shots due ot his heart defect, so we don't have to worry about that particular virus. But we are going to spend another winter probably keeping him away from other children.


our family said...

Was Nathan right? I voted girl along with the majority of voters.
Either way I am sure you will be thrilled. Congrats on finding out!!

Jonathan said...

How exciting, I didn't realize you knew already! We may steal your poll idea, but probably not until Jan. or Feb. as we're not finding out. :)

We also voted girl, not knowing what a popular choice that was.

You're still in our prayers!


Jennie said...

Amy - I drove home last night for my appt this morning, then drove back to Milwaukee.

Jim and Jen said...

Micah told me last night what the gender is... oooaahaaahaooo. ;)

Uncle Jim

Khris said...

Ithink it is a little girl - hugs, khris

ATLKrafts said...

aaaggh.... you are killin' me!