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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New tube

I wonder if this should be "feeding tube awareness month" rather than Down syndrome awareness month. Micah got a new tube again today. Let's hope this one stays put for the full three months before it needs to be changed again.

I spoke with the PA (physician's assistant) in radiology before they worked with Micah's tube. He said he would put in a slightly longer tube this time in hopes that it will stay put in his jejunum. So far so good. Micah has been on feeds since about noon and has been very comfortable, barring the pain he feels around the site on his belly. He was none too pleased to have this done again. It took longer than usual, I guess because of where they were trying to place it. Poor little guy... big alligator tears when I came in to get him (I can't be in there for the procedure). He looked mad for an hour or so. He would start to smile at me and then it was as if he thought, "Wait a minute... I'm still mad at you for taking me there."

ABC News featured a girl with Down syndrome this evening. She was voted Homecoming Queen at her high school. Check out the story (and video) here.

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Rachel said...

Poor little guy! I'm praying for him to feel better real soon.