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Thursday, January 31, 2008

In Neenah

We're home! Well, at least three of us are actually home and Micah is in the same city. We've had a few people ask about meals and we very much appreciate the offers. We need to see how things go for the next few days as we're all adjusting to being here. My mom will be here for another week, so I think we're fairly well covered for a week or so.

Micah is basically sleeping through most of his feedings. He just doesn't have the endurance to take the full amount yet and he hasn't gotten the technique down either. We could be in the NICU for quite a while, but at least we're up here now. But for those of you who have asked... his digestive tract is working just fine. :-)


Melanie said...

Welcome home!

Laurie said...

*big sigh of relief!*

You are one step closer! Praying that Micah can get home soon, too.

Amy said...

Yay, Welcome home!

Michelle said...

Hooray! Welcome Home!

Please let me know if we can help in any way.

Kelly S. said...

Gosh, this brings back so many memories of Owen in the NICU. Our stay was 7 weeks, he came home with the NG tube, which only lasted one month before the G-tube was put in. Let me tell you, the G-tube was sooo much easier for both us & Owen. I believe it allowed him to focus on improving his eating skills instead of wondering "what the heck is in my nose & down my throat?" Anyway, Micah WILL get the hang of it. If you need any advice or support, your dad knows where to find me!!
Sending hugs,
Scott, Kelly, Keagan & Owen

Anonymous said...

Oh Jennie, I'm SO GLAD for you guys! What an amazingly long road. It still is, but at least you get your own bed and a somewhat normal routine. I'll be praying for you, Friend! Love, Jode