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Friday, January 11, 2008

Bili off, bili on

Uncle Jim visiting

My first attempt at clothing (okay, so maybe I need to get some smaller clothes)

Our peaceful, content little guy

Micah is doing very well. He thoroughly enjoyed his day yesterday because they took him off the bili blanket and took away the bili light because his bilirubin level went below 10 yesterday morning (the attending decided to cut him some slack and try it for a day to see how he would do). Unfortunately, he didn't do incredibly well... his bili level went up to 11.9 today, so he's back on the blanket. But he slept all day yesterday because he was so comfortable being in clothes and a swaddle (and we held him most of the day).

There are some occasional rumblings in his GI system but it could be a while before things start working down there. Please continue to pray that happens quickly.

Also, please pray for our sweet Nathan. He has been sick, so we don't know if he'll be able to come down and visit this weekend. Our moms have been great about caring for him (as well as a sweet friend from church). But we miss him terribly, and he has expressed the same to his grandmothers. So we'd love to see him soon.


Kacey Bode said...

Oh my goodness, Micah is just beautiful, especially in that last picture, he looks so sweet!! Sounds like he is doing really good, and we will keep praying for him!! Poor Nathan, I hope he gets better soon, I'm sure it is hard for all of you not being able to see eachother. Take care and give that sweet little baby a kiss for me!!

Amy said...

Hi all,

You're still in our prayers! Not to worry about the clothes...we've got some preemie things on the way to you as of yesterday. I couldn't find any tiny socks, though, so maybe someone else can help with socks. :)

Miss you guys and hope to talk soon!

Kris said...

Micah is just beautiful!! Praying...Kris

ATLKrafts said...

that child is so darling-- what a sweetie!

marcksandrea said...

Love the pictures - he looks so precious! You are all still in my prayers.....


Betsy Wilson said...

How precious he is. He looks so sweet and content. Can't wait to meet him and to have you all back in town. You look great too Jennie!!

Anonymous said...

The third pic reminds me of my own Nathan. Micah is absolutely perfect...so sweet and adorable! I will say some prayers and hope he will soon be ready for feeds. Probably wondering who I am...I post on BBC on occasion...SherryinWI. I was wondering if you had your little one yet and happy to see today that he is here and recovering from surgery. {{{HUGS}}}
Sherry (Waukesha)