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Friday, January 25, 2008

Return of the NG

Looks like I posted too soon this morning. After I posted, I came to Micah's room and found that they had put an NG feeding tube in already. He still has residual bile in his stomach that hasn't gotten down through his intestines. Not sure what surgery is going to say about that yet. But I was very sad to see another tube in his nose this morning. And I had hoped to request that if they did put in another tube, could they please put it through the other nostril to balance out his lopsided nose (the drainage NG tube he had in for 2 weeks really yanked his nose to the side). But no, I didn't have time to request that because they put it in last night, of course in the same nostril.


ATLKrafts said...

sorry about that ;(. he might yank it out again and then you can request it-- the yanking out part tells me he is getting strong and spunky!!!

Jonathan said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, Jennie. I know that's disappointing. We'll continue to keep all of you in our prayers!

Melanie said...

Do you have a phone that you carry on you?? If so...could you email me the number? I would love to stop in by you when we are at the hospital. Our appointment is at 2pm.

Kris said...

Great news on the messy diaper! I've been waiting to hear that news! I'm sorry about the ng tube having to go back in. I've been there many times and I know how frustrating that can be. For Erin, once she figured out the suck/swallow, she took off with the bottle (and she couldn't figure out the suck/swallow until the ng came out..so it was a bit of a dilema). She literally went from taking almost zero to five oz in a couple of day! Have hope, it will get better :) You seem to be all holding up fairly well with all you're going through. It's ok to be sad about the ds. It's ok to wish you were not there, having to watch your little one go thru surgery, and meet with all the therapist. It's not what you were expecting. But you'll also discover, as you go through this journey, the amazing blessings that you would have never known if it weren't for Micah. God does not make mistakes. You're a great mom, Jennie! Many prayers being said here. Kris

Anonymous said...

Sweet Friend, my heart goes out to you. You are doing great, especially w/ crying and wanting to throw Nathan out the window! ;) The Lord is in this with you guys. You are SO normal. Being sad and feeling the loss does not mean you're not content and not walking well. It's just hard and sad at times. I feel the same way being single still. I don't understand it, yet God is in it. Thanks for sharing openly about how you're feeling. Happy, "we've got it all together" blogs are boring anyway! ;) I love you, Friend! Jode