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Sunday, January 27, 2008

3 weeks old

Micah was born three weeks ago yesterday. We've reached the low end of the estimated range of time we would spend in the hospital (initially, it was estimated at 3-4 weeks, then we were told 3-6 weeks). It appears we have at least two more weeks to go because he isn’t picking up the suck/swallow/breathe thing very well. The neonatologist spoke with me today about one concern for him potentially being moved back up to Neenah. The issue is that it’s possible that Micah might end up needing a G-tube for feeding even after he goes home, and inserting that is a surgical procedure. So he wants to check with the surgeons to see if they do that procedure up in Neenah. If not, then we won’t be able to move him. Micah now weighs 6lbs, 5oz. It's easy to gain weight when they're shoving food into your stomach through your nose and shoving nutrition to your body through a PIC line.

Nathan is doing better up here now that Mark has arrived for the weekend. But we have a problem. Nathan will no longer go anywhere near the playroom. He’s terrified of the puppets (with reason… they’re rather scary-looking). It’s a huge bummer because that’s the best place in the House.

One week ago, before a disappointing loss (note Micah’s green and gold hat!)

Oma and Nathan get to hold Micah

Note the front of his gown… God’s Gift!

What a cute little dinosaur outfit! And you can also see the bottom of Freddie the Firefly on his left side. Micah enjoys looking at him and he’s even made a move for him with his left hand. Next time we have an opportunity to transport something to him from our house, we’ll bring the crib mobile. I think he’d really enjoy that. And his nurse said something about bringing in a swing or a bouncy seat for him. Fun!


Laurie said...

These photos bring back lots of memories from Chase's NICN stay. Micah is beautiful-- so tiny. I just want to scoop him out of that crib!

Ian (who was just over 2 when Chase was born) got VERY rowdy with all of the Chase drama. Once we got home and back to "normal", he calmed back down.

This, too, shall pass :)

Kacey Bode said...

God's Gift is right!!! Micah is so precious! I was ready your earlier posts, let me just start by saying that you are doing so good!! I cried for weeks, basically non-stop when Ella was born. Do not try to hide your feelings and be tough for everyone, especially all the parents of kids with Ds because we have all been there and completly understand!!! Ella was born when Hunter was 2 years 5 months and let me tell you he was a MONSTER and we didn't have the added stress of being at the hospital. His behavior added to the stress and I said on many occasion "I just want my old life back." Luckily time does ease the hurt, though I still have rough days (nothing like in the begining,) life is great now. Really feel free to write your feelings out it is very theraputic and you are not going to say anything that will offend any of us. Take care!