A Little Something Extra

Friday, February 1, 2008


Looks like the infection control director's grandson has an infection. They haven't identified it yet, but he just had round #2 of antibiotics today. This could explain why Micah has been so lethargic this week. Last week he was much more alert. It's been much more difficult to wake him up for feedings, and he hasn't taken much orally. He seems capable of digesting whatever goes into his stomach, whether orally or through his NG tube. But the neonatologist decided not to increase his volume today. And he now has a nasal cannula back in because he has a lot more desats these days (where his oxygen concentration goes under 90%). He also has a lot of air in his stomach (the nurse can tell when she draws out from his belly before his feedings to check his "residuals" - how much is still in there from the prior feeding). I'm going to ask the dr about that tomorrow.

New NICU comes with new rules. One is that Nathan can't visit at all (in Milwaukee, siblings over 2 could visit... here it's over 4). Another is that Micah can only have visitors if Mark or I are with them (in Milwaukee, we could specify anyone who could visit Micah even if we weren't there). And we don't have a phone number so no one can reach us if we're there (in Milwaukee, there was a phone in Micah's room that was specifically the parents' phone). Two people called me in the NICU today and I was lovingly chastised before I left today that trying to find me takes time away from the babies. I was discouraged enough about Micah's lack of feeding progress. I didn't need someone telling me something I already knew and just needed to communicate to people. Seriously, folks, I just got here. Cut me some slack. Anyway, if you need to reach me, just call my cellphone and leave a message. I'll try to check it every three hours or so.

In other news... Nathan is quite happy to be home. He didn't even want to go to Grammie and Pop's house yesterday. On a normal day, he'll be halfway to the mudroom to get his coat if you start to say, "Nathan, do you want to go to Grammie and Pop's house?" But he was just too excited to be home and play with his trains and the rest of his toys.

We're going to try to get into a routine with visiting Micah. Our intention (on weekdays) is for me to go in around 8:45 and be there for his 9:30, 12:30, and 3:30 feedings. We'll skip the 6:30 feeding and give Nathan some sense of normal evening routine. Then Mark will go feed Micah at 9:30. That makes for a rather late night for Mark, though. I'd like to ask if they could change his feeding times to the tops of the hours. But that time slot is already taken by another baby so we may have to wait.


ATLKrafts said...

bring those nurses some snacks-- that always helps the environment!

Jean said...

Its a very stressful time when you just want Micah to start eating, breathing on his own so you can take him home.
I had three babies at the Fox Valley NICU for 23 and 25 days in 2006.
The nurses and staff there are wonderful. They are so fiercely protective of the babies that sometimes they seem unfriendly and quite strict. (I got yelled at the first couple of days for touching my kids at the wrong times)
They are sticklers on the rules because there is someone always trying to bend them, friends and other family sometimes don't realize how fragile these babies health are. There will be plenty of time for others to see Micah when he's home and healthy.
As for changing his eating times, I think they have all the babies on the 1/2 hour schedule and not the top of the hour.
Once you get to know the nurses there, you'll realize that they love and cherish your baby as much as you do.
If you get a chance, talk with Ann, an older nurse. She was a great shoulder to lean on and told me it was o.k. to cry. Take care and lean on others.

Beth said...

So glad to read everyone is in the same city! Prayers that this transition is smooth and everyone adjusts...