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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Surgery scheduled

Micah's surgery to insert his g-tube is scheduled for Monday at 9:00am. We are leaving for Milwaukee at 11:00am Sunday. They say we'll be there 3 days after surgery and that he'll be discharged from there.

Micah's heart is definitely getting weaker. He's sleeping A LOT and isn't too interested in eating most of the time (though when he engages in his feeding, he does very well, so it's not that he's not capable of the suck/swallow/breathe thing). It's pretty scary, actually, thinking about your son going in for another surgery when he's weaker than he was when he was born.

I'm bummed that he's getting a g-tube. We really wanted to avoid that. But I'm even more bummed that he NEEDS a g-tube. It means his heart is too weak to eat enough. Our biggest fear is that we'll miss out on some critical months of mental development while he's not strong enough to engage in life.

I'll find out tomorrow whether I'm able to get into the Ronald McDonald House. If not, I'll be crashing with my future sister-in-law. Mark is planning to meet me down there to bring Micah home, but we'd rather save his time off for after Micah comes home.


Jonathan said...

Hi to all,

We love you guys are we are praying for you. It seems to redundant to say it again and again, doesn't it? But since we can't be there in person, praying is what we can do. We pray that this will help Micah move forward (and home.)

Love from Jonathan's family

Melanie said...

Good Luck tomorrow. We will be thinking of you.

Jean said...

What an incredible journey that your family is going through. There is so much love for Micah through the prayers of family and friends. Good luck with the surgery.

A NICU nurse once told me that when you see a baby smiling, they are smiling at their Guardian Angels that are watching over them. That was always comforting to me and I hope it can be for you too.

The Lenda's said...

Praying that all goes well with this surgery. Praying that you get a room in the RM house. Praying for Micah's heart to stay strong until his heart surgery. I am sure you can't wait to finally bring him home and imagine this would make Nathan happy to be home more often with mommy. May God give you grace to take it one day at time.

marcksandrea said...

Hoping that all goes well with the surgery. My prayers are still with you and your family. I'm sorry to always say the same comments, but I want you to know that I am thinking of you all of the time. I pray that Micah can continue to be strong. I

Ami said...

Like other commenters, I'm repeating myself, but I just wanted to let you know that we're praying for your family, especially tomorrow.

Taylor Davis said...

Definitely praying for you all today.

With love,
The Davis Family

Kris said...

Praying for sweet Micah and awaiting the good news that all went well so that you get to go HOME!!


Amy said...

Just checking back for news...our Sunday school class is praying for you, too.


Jennie said...

Thanks for your prayers, everyone!