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Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy due date, Micah!

Today was officially Micah's due date, though my c-section was scheduled for 1/31. He entered the world back on 1/5. Here are some new photos:
Oma finally got a break from Nathan duty!
Nathan visited Micah by looking through a window to the family room (I was able to wheel his crib down to the room)
Cutie pie
Micah's crib (pun intended)
We have a "Care Conference" coming up later this week where we will meet with the neonatologist, nurses, social worker, genetic counselor, speech therapist, physical therapist (?), and I don't know who else. It's sort of like a merging of the minds to make sure we're all on the same page with expectations. We can invite anyone we want (I might want to ask if Micah's cardiologist or a PA could be there). It's tough to know which of the four whammies are affecting his stamina most: prematurity, duodenal atresia, heart defect, or Trisomy 21. [By the way, I hate that we have that fourth one the most.]

Micah continues to improve gradually in his feedings. He tires fairly easily and eats best following a bath (he's super alert then). He weighs 7lbs 6oz. They've increased his milk intake to 66 cc's every 3 hours (60 cc's is equivalent to 2oz). I'm looking forward to our Care Conference to find out everyone's opinion on whether Micah is going to be able to take this sort of volume orally or if we need to get comfortable with the idea of a G-tube. His neonatologist was not ready to give in to that and wants to hold out almost at all costs. But he needs to come home sometime.

I'm very tired and therefore quite edgy. Mark has been sick with the flu since Friday so he's run-down too. Nathan's eyes are looking a bit sunken this evening and I just pray he's not getting sick.


Melanie said...

Happy Due Date Micah! We were thinking of you today.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Micah looks so healthy! He really looks like he is thriving, Jennie-you are all doing a great job with him. We love the pictures. Sorry to hear that Mark has been sick, and we hope the rest of you dodge the flu.

Amy for all of us

Julia said...

I know (boy do I know!!!) you hate the Tri21 the most. I can say with almost absolute certainty that before Micah is 2yrs old (probably way before) his extra chromosome will be one of your favorite things about him!!!
Hang on to that while you are tired and bewildered and know it is true - I promise!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennie

This is laura from the babycenter thread. I just wanted to say how beautiful Micah is. I saw his picture and he is absolutely precious! I know i started the board over a year ago and everyone has been through rough times but you are so strong. Please keep that great strength and outlook you have. Best of luck, Laura

Anonymous said...

There are so many bonuses that come with that extra chromosome- I always say I wish everyone had an extra one. I agree with Julia when she writes it soon will become the most wonderful thing about Micah...caring thoughts from another lucky mom of a trisomy boy-Jayne