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Sunday, October 31, 2010

31 for 21... in costume, just like his brothers

Here it is.  The last post of the month.  I made it through the challenge!  I blogged 31 straight days: some about Down syndrome, some not.  Maybe some of my readers don't remember why this started.  So here's a reminder: There are 31 days in the month of October.  October is Down syndrome awareness month.  Down syndrome is caused by an extra copy of the 21st chromosome.  So... I blogged 31 days for the extra 21st chromosome that is present in every cell in my son's body.

A campaign done by NDSC (National Down Syndrome Congress) this past year was called "More Alike Than Different."  Micah lived that tonight.  He had a BLAST trick-or-treating.  He was not content to be held and watch his brothers conquer the steps to people's houses.  He was struggling to get out of Mark's arms at one point.  We both thought he just wanted to go to me.  But it wasn't the case.  He wanted DOWN and he wanted to stand by the door with Matthew and Nathan.  That was HUGE for him.  And we all know he couldn't have cared less about the candy, of course.  And he didn't hate wearing his costume (sure, he pulled the hood back a lot, but he never cried about it).

On a separate note... Matthew was a trick-or-treating rock star.  This little guy has the strongest personality.  He was determined to walk the whole route, just like Nathan.  He had no idea what he was collecting in his plastic pumpkin (as he's never really had candy), but he loves to walk around the house with any sort of basket and collect things, so this trick-or-treating thing was right up his alley.

Here ends 31 for 21.  There were a few questions asked which I did not have time to address this month.  I'll work on those in November.  And please do let me know if you have any other questions for me!


Anonymous said...

Loved all your posts this month Jennie! But this one is my favorite... It brought tears to my eyes seeing Micah standing on the porch next to his brothers! So awesome!! What a sweet boy!

Janet said...

Jennie, great job! I enjoyed reading your posts as well - and even learned some things, so thank you! I'm impressed with all the information you included and the way you presented the more "technical" details. This last piece was one of my favorites! Definitely "More Alike Than Different"! Thank you!!

Elisabeth said...

Micah is so cute in his costume! I love that he wanted to be a part of the trick or treating.

my family said...

oh, what a fun night!

ShellyO said...

Oh, I'm so sad it's over. But I'll look forward to your next post anyways. As a fellow blogger, I am mighty impressed. You will never catch this girl blogging 31 days straight. Unless of course it's in honor of one of my children. And then maybe :-) Love you.