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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orphan Sunday - will you help Dmitri?

It's November 7th, Orphan Sunday.  In Eastern Europe, there's a special little boy named Dmitri who will be three years old this month.  He's only two months older than Micah.  He happens to have Down syndrome.  Where he lives, it's perfectly acceptable for him to be abandoned at birth because he is "disabled."  He has no mommy or daddy to kiss him good night, just because he has an extra chromosome.

Micah would not have survived a week if he had been born there.

If Dmitri is not adopted before he turns five years old, he will be sent to a mental institution where he will spend the rest of his days without anyone reading him a book or teaching him to count.  Do you wonder what those institutions are like?  Julia and her family recently adopted Aaron after reading about him on Reece's Rainbow.  Yesterday she blogged a bit about her experience there (have tissues on hand when you read her account... it's horrifying).

Our family decided a few years ago that we don't need to keep buying toys, etc., for the cousins.  We give money to charities instead.  Would you consider helping Dmitri find his forever family by donating to his grant fund?  We can ALL help orphans, even if we don't adopt them ourselves.  Dmitri's family is out there somewhere.  And we could help them bring him home.  An adoption from his country is one of the most expensive international adoptions.

There are children who have come home to the U.S. because their forever family didn't have to bear the full cost burden of their adoption, thanks to people like you (and me).

Please help us save Dmitri.  I look at his sweet crossed eyes and I think of Micah, who has been blessed with early intervention for his strabismus.  I long to see a photo of Dmitri smiling with a family.  I just KNOW he'd give the best snuggles a family could ever dream to experience.

Grants from Reece's Rainbow have helped over 350 orphans with special needs come home in the past four years.  They make it easy for you to help.  And for every $35 you donate, you can get an ornament that has the Reece's Rainbow logo on one side and Dmitri's photo on the other side.

Click here to see Dmitri's page and donate.  Don't believe the note that says that he still needs a Christmas Warrior... that would be me!

Thank you for considering this little boy's life as a gift this Christmas.

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Teacher Girl said...

Oh, I am so glad I found your blog! I had signed up to be Dmitri's Christmas Warrior soon after you did, I think. I was sad that I didn't get to be it, but am so glad to have come across your page! I had already prepared some fliers for him, so I'll still be giving those out- hope that's okay with you! (I don't want to step on toes!!) I hope I can help you Warrior for him this holiday season. Isn't he just the sweetest?