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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free cards from Shutterfly

I read about this promotion from Rebecca at The Bates Motel blog..... 50 FREE Holiday Cards from Shutterfly!

Free? Excellent! Are you a blogger?  Follow the arrow to get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly:
-------> http://bit.ly/sfly2010
Mark and I have lived in way too many places since we met.  And we grew up in different places and we went to different colleges.  So our Christmas card list is a bit long.  We usually do a photo card.  The past couple of years I've used Vistaprint because I like making our card myself.  One of the reasons is that I just haven't found a card that I like.  Personally, I like Christmas cards that allow me to express my faith.  Right or wrong, I don't worry about offending someone who may not celebrate Christmas.

But true "Christmas" cards that are classy are more difficult to find than "holiday" cards that are classy.  Shutterfly actually has a link to Religious Christmas Cards and I found some I like.  I'm still undecided on my favorite.  Maybe this one.  It sort of makes me laugh, though, because the actual verse (from James 1:17) says, "Every good and perfect gift."  Good thing it doesn't say "perfect" on the card or I wouldn't be able to use it for our family photos. :-)  I really like this one, but I don't anticipate getting a portrait photo of all 3 boys (I'm hoping for a landscape photo that looks decent).

I also like this one.  But Shutterfly has some fantastic choices for "happy holidays" as well as "merry Christmas" (that don't fall under the "religious" category).  If I wasn't going for the "religious" tone, I think this one would be my choice.  I really like how you can personalize the front of the card to give brief updates on the kids (how convenient that there are three ornaments).  Ultimately, the card choice could be made for me depending on whether we get a good photo of all three boys together or whether I need to use separate photos of each boy (the more likely scenario).  Best case scenario: I get all of the above and can get this card.

Most of those choices assume I'm going "cheap" and not getting the folded card.  But I love that Shutterfly allows you the opportunity to insert photos on the INSIDE of their photo cards as well as on the outside.  So now that I'm looking at all of THOSE cards, I find this one.  How fun!  Four extra spots for photos on the inside.  That would help me a lot as I always have a difficult time choosing photos.

Well, now I just need to get our photo session scheduled.  I'd love to use the "stamp and mail for me" option, but it's a bit pricey when I consider how many cards we send out.  And I have a five-year-old who can apply stickers like the best of them!


Becca said...

Yay! I'm so excited to order mine. I have it all ready. It's one of the Happy Holidays varieties. :-) Glad to see so many bloggers taking advantage of this offer!

Teacher Girl said...

Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!