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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

31 for 21... a result of the Kennedy-Brownback bill

Two years after the Kennedy-Brownback bill passed, there is now a booklet going to print that will be given to women when they receive a prenatal diagnosis that their baby has Down syndrome.  Unfortunately, the information that has been presented to women in recent years has largely been outdated and has filled women and families with fear about raising a child with Down syndrome.  My hope is that this new booklet will give women and their families more accurate information.

Here's the press release from NDSS.  I'd like to share more, but I'm getting a nasty cold and I must sleep.

But... going forward... does anyone have any questions about Down syndrome (or Micah, specifically) that you would like to ask?  It's Down syndrome awareness month, after all, and I'd really like to share what you want to hear.

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ATLKrafts said...

We have talked a lot about his feeding when we talk, but I am curious about his walking -- and how that is affected by his DS..