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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Matthew - 4 months

Matthew (aka Piggy, Cheeks, or Chubby Bubby) turned 4 months last week. At his 4mo checkup on Friday we gained the following information:
Weight: 16lb, 14oz - 85th %ile
Height: 25.25in - 62nd %ile
Head: 43cm - 70th %ile
And he was 4 weeks early! I feel badly talking about how big he is when I know others out there are struggling with their child's weight issues. But please trust me... I've been there too. I certainly don't miss the days of Micah being weighed twice a week and being told to cram more food into him, whether that be through a bottle or through his feeding tube. So this chubby bubby is a welcome change.

Matthew loves to laugh and smile. But he doesn't like being put down very often. Yep, he's the clingy one. He started off as a laid-back baby, but that was apparently due to the newborn sleepy stage. He has a crazy runny nose this week. I'm thinking teething, because he also goes into inconsolable screaming fits on occasion.

First time in the exersaucer
Love this outfit! But he's about to pop a button!Nathan wore the same shirt to Brooke and Taylor's first birthday party in 2006 (I don't have a pic of Nathan with the girls, but here's a pic of the girls separately, and one of Nathan in the exersaucer after we came home, which was also his first time in the exersaucer)

So... do you think Matthew looks like Nathan? Or not so much?


Jonathan's Mom said...

They both look like Mark. But I know that's not what you asked. :) I also think Matthew looks a little like you. I know everyone sees something different! Love his chubby thighs!

No worries about talking about weight issues...I'm so glad you have a piggy. Apparently we grow babies around here who are long and who are not that into eating (as babies.) Jonathan became a great eater once he tried regular food, and I'm sure Grace will be, too. For now I'll keep forcing the milk on her! :)

Heidi said...

Matthew is so cute! I love that blue shirt on him and I do think he looks like Nathan!

Mindy said...

Mirror image!

Anonymous said...

Jennie, I think he looks like Nathan AND Micah! Some pics look like he has Nathan's eyes, some look like he has Micah's expressions, so all 3 boys must be a good mixture of you and Mark! Great pics. Keep 'em coming. Dove

Jessica-MomForHim said...

I can certainly tell they are brothers! They don't look exactly alike, but all 3 of them look VERY similar. I'm glad Matthew is eating so well for you. You needed a break!

I can't believe he is almost 17 lbs, though! F and H were both 17 lbs at their one-year appointment!! G and M were 17 lbs around 8-9 months. I guess he does eat well! And I'm guessing he doesn't spit up a lot, which is our issue. Mine are all born big and then slim down due to spitting up.

Rachel Dominguez said...

Oh definately!!! But i must say, after seeing Nathan and Micah, I just couldnt imagine a prettier child until....MATTHEW...OMGosh he is to die for with his beauty. He has to have one of the prettiest faces ever!

Yes, they look like Mark, but yes they look alike.


ATLKrafts said...

we are happy with the chubby bubby- some things had to be easier with #3!!

i think matthew and nathan look like each other and their dad (except for mommy's blue eyes)

Rena said...

I think he looks like both his brothers, too. Actually, the one of him on his tummy on the play mat, I thought his face looked a lot like Micah's picture on the sidebar!

Cathy said...

OMGoodness...could Matthew be any cuter?!? What a little doll. It is funny that at 4 months he outweighs Lily at 12 months...lol. I've kind of let go of the whole weight thing. As long as she's growing and the doctor is happy...I'm happy.