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Thursday, June 25, 2009

NDSC Sacramento

This post is for my fellow DS bloggers...

Have you been to the annual NDSC convention before? Is it at all "doable" for me to attend with Micah? When pondering the question, take into account that Micah isn't walking (but he will likely get bored in a stroller all day), is tube-fed, and naps twice a day (I haven't tried the nap in the stroller, but he does nap in the car when he's tired). It's not possible for the whole family to go. I think I'd need a babysitter during the Friday session (I would love to attend one of the speech sessions that day).

Please comment if you've been or are attending this year. I'm curious to see how many of my friends out there in the blogosphere are going.


Sharon said...

Hi Jennie - I took Brennan to the convention last year and will be taking him again this year. Last year was easy b/c he was only 3 months old. It will be a bit more challenging now that he's 15 months old, but so many people have their kids with them at the convention that everyone is very understanding of kids "talking" during workshops. Brennan takes two naps a day, also - always in his crib - so I am just hoping that he'll be able to nap in his stroller during the day. I'm also having my mom come with me, so she may stay with him at night so I can go to the dinner if needed. We're staying at the Residence Inn and I'm sure my Mom would be willing to help with Micah, too.

Hope to see you in CA!

Melanie said...

We took Logan last year (he was 15 months). He did get bored in the stroller sometimes, but we were always able to sit in the back of the room and play on the floor with him if needed.
We will not be attending this year, but plan to take the whole family when we attend in the future. The conventions try to be as kid friendly as possible...they have activites for kids and suggestions on places to take your children outside of the convention. The formal dinner would have been the only difficult part if we would have brought Devin.
Do you plan to go for sure? Have you registered?

Kris said...

We went to Boston last year but only attended the conference on Friday. We took the whole family and I found it easy to have Erin there, but of course I have lots of helpers, so that is not much help. They did have a large area sectioned off for young children with lots of toys which was very nice for giving the little kids a break. There are certainly lots of kids in attendence, so it is kid freindly. As for the sessions, it would be great to time a nap (if possible) with one you know you want to attend. Then, you can always purchase the cd's afterwards as well if you missed portions of the talk. Also, there are so many adorable children there with Ds that if I had NOT had Erin with me, I'm certain I would have been missing her! Have fun! Kris

Derek, Kenzee and Gage said...

I have no advice on the conference, but just wanted to say your family is ADORABLE!! I hope you don't mind if I follow your family in the blog-world!

Monica Crumley said...

Hi Jennie, I just commented on the down syndrome journey forum. Your boys are Adorable!!! We live here in Sacto and are going for the first time. If you decide to go, please let me know. I'd love to meet you in person and we have a blog set up for DS Bloggers to get a special blog ID badge to identify each other at the Convention. Check it out at www.dsbloggers.blogspot.com Also, come visit our little corner of the blogosphere sometime at www.monicacrumley.blogspot.com John Michael and Brennan and Micah would be so cute together and all about the same age.