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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Prenatal testing lawsuit

Anyone care to weigh in on this one?

Slippery slope, I think.

I'll comment more after I hear from some of you, but one issue I'd like to raise... they're seeking "$14 million to cover the costs of raising her and providing education, medical care, and speech and physical therapy for their daughter..."
We're in deep yogurt if that's truly the amount. Anyone want to buy some used boy clothes and baby gear?


James 1:27 Family said...

So heartbreaking to read. What will there precious baby girl think one day when she finds out that her parents wish they could have killed her while it was legal!?!!?!? Oh, so sad. Bummer that they are Levys.... no relation, I assure you. :) Interesting that this came out after Mark posted his comment about the importance of Micah's life and how he would not choose anything differently. Blessings to all of you. I know you must be very physically tired. May God's everlasting love wrap you up now and always!
Love in Jesus,

Cathy said...

I read this on someone else's blog. It makes me so sad. I pray that these people realize the blessing that their daughter is.

Heidi said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw this. I count it as such a blessing that Joel is in our lives. 14 million dollars???!! Crazy!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

They seek compensation for raising her, for not being able to return to work, and for the effect their daughter has had on their relationship? Please. And I agree with Amy's comment about how this is going to make this little girl feel later in life. They say she is dear to them, but the statements they are making don't make it seem like it.

It is expensive to raise a child. Yes, it is more expensive to raise a child with health problems or a disability. However, the test is not 100% accurate, and a doctor cannot and should not have to pay for raising a child. It said that later prenatal testing showed that she might have DS.

If they win this case or get some compensation, it will make me sick to my stomach. The fact that they brought the suit at all makes me so sad for their family. I hope they can learn to be happy with their children and their circumstances.

Don't Lick The Ferrets! said...

First of all, I am sickened that this is a same-sex couple. We have to do SO much more to even be able to have a child and they get over those hurdles and then complain about the outcome.

Secondly, it is one thing to make this decision before your child is born (not that I agree with it) but it is an entirely DIFFERENT thing to look at your child, the one you gave birth to, the one you hold and love and THEN say you wish you had chosen to abort!

Being the ADOPTIVE mother of a child with Down syndrome, I am thankful EVERY DAY that her mom chose to carry her. That her mom chose to have her. That her mom chose to give her life.

And that's a good point for the court case....yes, they got a child with special needs. Yes, it takes more....so why not choose to give the child up for adoption?? If they don't want the "hassle" of it all, give her to someone who IS grateful for her life and DOESN'T need compensation for having her as their child.

Jennie said...

Em's Mom (sorry... I don't know your name, but I've been to Em's blog before) - I'm pretty sure this is a hetero couple (Ariel is sometimes a guy's name).
But I'm with you on the adoption thing. I'm still working on my full response to the article.