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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Save the Date!

My friend, Melanie, at Baeten Family is coordinating (along with DSFN) a new Down Syndrome Awareness Walk in the Fox Cities. The date is October 2, 2010. We plan to visit that weekend and attend the walk (it's at Riverside Park). For all of our friends "back home," we'd love for you to save the date and walk with us! It would be extra special fun if Micah was able to walk it instead of riding in the stroller. Another huge perk... Rachel Coleman will be speaking and doing a performance of Signing Time. For those of you who haven't seen the videos, Micah is an addict! It's been so helpful in teaching him sign language. Rachel has two children with special needs and I'm looking forward to seeing a live performance.
Curious about Halloween signs? See the following video:

And just for kicks, here are some Thanksgiving signs:


Jonathan's Mom said...

Thanks for the Signing Time links! I borrowed the videos from our previous library, but the system here doesn't have them. I hadn't even thought of YouTube! Yay!

I'm still working on the post you tagged me for...I'm having a terrible time finishing!

Kim Rees said...

Thank you for sharing this Jennie! I have wanted to start getting Liliana introduced to sign language but I didn't realize there were such cool videos available and that I may be able to get them at our local library. Thanks again!

Kris said...

Date is saved! We will be there! Looking forward to seeing you then, Jennie! Like Micah, Erin will have the time of her life with a live performance from Rachael :) Kris