A Little Something Extra

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 29 of 31 for 21 - I got nothin'

Seriously. Nothing to say, really. I mean, should I bore you with more information about Down syndrome? Add more links to share about some of the cool things that people with Down syndrome have accomplished? Talk about more of the medical stuff?

Nope. Not today. Why? Because m3s (my 3 sons) are sleeping and I want to do the same.


Angela said...

I hope you got a good rest!! You have to take those opportunities when they come... THREE napping at the same time!??! A GIFT!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, just beautiful wish I could adopt them all

paige said...

NEVER boring!!!
i *guess* you have a good excuse though.. i hope you got a good snooze.

ATLKrafts said...

oh please, like anything you write is boring!!