A Little Something Extra

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day (10) of 31 for 21 - Moved

We made it here to MN last night but I didn't get my computer turned on. Had I been prepared, I would have scheduled a timed posting ahead of time. Oh, well.

I would like to thank the great Artist who painted such a lovely autumn portrait during our drive yesterday. Fall is my favorite time of year. But I'm not a huge fan of snow flakes accompanying the changing colors of the leaves. Yes, there were snow flakes yesterday, not during our drive, but in the morning before we left. Apparently it even stuck to the ground a bit in MN yesterday morning. I'm not ready for this!!!

We considered renting a minivan for this trip and cramming everything into two minivans and a sedan. We're very glad we didn't. We came close to filling a 10-foot moving truck! It took a lot less time to pack clothing, etc., because I didn't have to minimize what we brought: I just took dresser drawers and almost emptied them into tubs. We're in a 3br furnished apartment for five weeks until we close on our house. It's a lovely apartment, but we're in much tighter quarters than this crazy family is used to.

I'll try a Down syndrome post later today.


my family said...

I tagged you on my blog....how did your kids get their names. Participate if you would like . Have a great day

Cathy said...

Glad you arrived safely. Looking forward to hearing more about this chapter in your lives.