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Monday, October 15, 2007

Pray for healing?

Should I pray that our little boy would be healed? This is a tough one for me. Our baby already HAS Down syndrome. Can you pray for a fact to change? I mean, I feel like I can pray for a change in heart (mine or someone else's). Or for something in the future (for example, that our boy does not develop autism as well, though the jury is still out on whether autism exists in a person before it's detected, I think). But to pray for a reality to change... I have a hard time with that. I mean, our boy has 47 chromosomes, not 46. And I would have a hard time with the balance of praying that he would be healed and preparing myself for what we have in store for us with a baby who has Down syndrome. But Christ has performed miracles before and He could do it again.

So, for those of you who feel called to pray that either a) the lab test was wrong (statistics show 99.4% accuracy), or b) Jesus would perform a miracle and remove the extra 21st chromosome from our son's body... please do so. Mark is praying for that. I know others are too. I don't know if I'll get there. But I so appreciate your heart for our son.


Jonathan said...

We don't know what to pray for exactly, but we know that the Spirit is praying on your behalf with groans that words cannot express.

Jonathan's parents

ATLKrafts said...

Lots of prayer going up for you from this side of the world, and our families. Our hearts have been heavy with yours and we feel stunned as well by the news. We wait and hope that God will continue to encourage you minute by minute and second by second and that you will not feel out of His arms. He wants this child in this world-- his conception was miraculous. We love you!

tom said...

My son's Down Syndrome was a complete surprise to us. He was born a little over a month ago, and had heart surgery yesterday. I had a similar prayer as yours. You can click on my name to read it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Jana and we had a little boy seven months ago that has Down Syndrome. I also did and do pray for healing. After praying every day/night for healing and God's direction. This is my conclusion: I know that he can heal my son, I don't know if he will. He is such a great baby. All our friends and family are just crazy about him. My opinion is pray for healing as I will be praying for him. If God chooses to heal him (he can) or not, that God will be glorified no matter what. Look at this from an eternal perspective: How can your baby change lives/perspectives? You will be suprised.