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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Long week

Where to begin? Now that we're two weeks into the diagnosis, I thought I would be coping better. I guess I am. I can occasionally mention Down syndrome and not burst into tears. But that only lasts until someone asks how I'm doing with the knowledge of our baby's diagnosis.

There are some great online support groups for parents of children with Down syndrome. One of these days I'll get connected to something in person. I'd like to be somewhat "together" and not so emotional before I connect in person. Maybe that's unrealistic.

I'll hit 25 weeks tomorrow. I've had a cold (with ups and downs) for 5 weeks now. It's not much fun. I'm sleep-deprived on top of all the emotional stuff and that is just not a good combination.

There was a tragic death in our family last Sunday so this week was spent trying to deal with that as well as our life-changing news of 2 weeks ago. But God is gracious and giving us some calm in the storm too. Mark and I spent some time discussing names last night. I feel like I need to be able to start talking about our little guy by his name. Please pray for us to give him the name God desires.


Jonathan said...

Hi Jennie,

We don't know the details of your family tragedy, but we're praying.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie it's Ann from the Babycenter board, I thought you would love this BPMOM is having quads!!! Come back and visit us

Liz said...

Hey Jennie....I really loved the name Josiah you had first thought of for your precious baby boy. I'm still praying for you sweetie! Miss you lots!