A Little Something Extra

Friday, October 7, 2011

31 for 21 Day 6: Micah phrases

Micah doesn't really speak in sentences yet.  But he does have some "specials" that he uses often.

1. "I want _____ please." (these days,
2. "I nuh no." (I don't know)
3. "Gag, u rit." (Tag, you're it)
and my favorite
4. "I funny."

Trust me... the "I funny" is used at appropriate times.  For example, when playing catch and he intentionally throws it away so you have to run down the driveway to get it.  Or when he says a funny word at dinner (i.e. "dooooood").


Jonathan said...

I can't wait to hear those gems in person! :)

Ruthann said...

So cute! I love it!! He's going to be a comedian ;)