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Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 for 21 Day 15: He went in the corn pit

Micah has some significant sensory issues.  I know I've mentioned that before.  He would prefer to NOT do any artwork at school (as in, "Don't even THINK about trying to put that crayon/gluestick/paintbrush/scissors in my hand").

We went to a fabulous corn maze today.  They had the best.pettingzoo.ever.  We weren't feeding animals behind a fence... we were inside the fence WITH them (cows, chickens, goats, sheep, ducks) and we were able to feed them.  Micah LOVED it.  We walked in and he said, "Ohhhhh... cow... Hi, cow.  Mooooo."  Hilarious!

And he loved just standing on the top of the straw bale maze.  It was his king-of-the-mountain experience, I guess.

But the best part?  After watching everyone else play in the corn pit for a while, Micah actually decided to venture in.  On his own.  No prompting required.  Unbelievable!

Unfortunately, our camera is out of battery and I can't download photos until I get the camera charged (no, I can't just take the memory card and put it into my laptop, so don't bother recommending that).  Anyway... you'll have to wait until tomorrow for more pictures (better than this one from my phone).  And trust me... there are LOTS of pictures.


Jonathan said...

Jennie, that is AWESOME. I can only imagine how wonderful that was to witness your sweet boy doing something so wonderful. I'm so glad!!!

Jen Currier said...

Yay for the corn pit!! Elijah has sensory issues too, so I understand how exciting this is!!

Penny's Peeps said...

very exciting news!!!! go micah!