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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 for 21 Day 17: petting zoo photos

Seriously, the best part of our day at the corn maze was the petting zoo.  It was a large pen where you just entered and all the animals were in the large pen (not behind gates).  I thought Micah would be scared, but he was immediately thrilled (he's rather scared of dogs, so this somewhat surprised me).  He laughed and laughed!

When Micah first saw this cow, he said, "Oh... cow!  Hi, Cow.  Mooooo."  Hilarious!

Matthew had a bit too much fun chasing this chicken.

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Rena said...

LOVE all the pictures of Micah on the corn maze and at the petting zoo. He looks so happy and like he has such a connection with the animals.
I've been enjoying your posts this month. Thank you!