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Monday, August 9, 2010

Orlando Photos - Miscellaneous

This looks says, "Smile? Are you kidding me? It's over 100 degrees out here!"

Yay!  We got to meet Laurie and Chase (and the rest of the fam too)

Some random hotel photos... Matthew in my sandals

and Micah being a cheeseball

I took this photo of a promo for I'm Down with You and look who was talking on his mobile phone on the side of the banner.  Yes, that's Chris Burke.  Don't know who he is?  He played the role of Corky in the series "Life Goes On."  Still don't know who he is?  Eek.  I'm old.  Or you're young.  Or weren't allowed to watch television back then.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers spoke on Sunday morning.  She was great!  My favorite quotes were, "I believe God sees us ALL as disabled," and "Happiness comes from purpose beyond self."  Oh, how true!  And how I wish I lived that out every day instead of spending too much time trying to find happiness for myself rather than trying to make others happy.

And I got to meet Kathy!  Kathy went through a journey similar to our Micah journey, almost exactly five years before us (prenatal diagnosis, duodenal atresia, AV Canal...).  She was a great encourager to me and it was such a joy to meet her (and her Kara) in person.

The next set of pictures is from the Orlando airport.  We decided to make one last attempt at a family photo since we didn't get one at the Magic Kingdom.
(please overlook Nathan's shirt... it lost a battle with chocolate ice cream)


Jonathan said...

Chris Burke! How cool! Life Goes On was my absolute favorite show at the time. I watched it faithfully. I read Chris' biography several years ago.

my family said...

great pictures, have been missing those sweet smiles ;)

Heidi said...

Great photos! I remember Life Goes On - it was such a great show and Chris Burke is amazing!

Laurie said...

It was so fun to meet you all face to face.

The Corey Burke connection...that is so funny. I passed him in the hall, and I thought to myself, "He looks JUST like Corey Burke. I wonder...?" But I didn't stop him :)

Angela said...

So good see you guys yesterday! Love the pictures of Orlando. Perhaps the one with Nathan and Miss snow white will make it on his "grad photo" montage. Classic! All the pictures were great. All your boys are just adorable - but I'll admit to being a bit partial to Micah in his glasses... there's just not a whole lot that isn't cuter than little glasses on an adorable little toddler. :)

Susie said...

Hey guys! Came to catch up on the latest news before I get to cuddle that grinning boy on Sunday. I have missed seeing/playing with/holding him this past summer. :-)

Love the pics, and love Micah's orange t-shirt: Don't DIS my ABILITY. That is so awesome.

See you soon!

><> Susie