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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Micah and Logan

It was so great to see the Baeten family in Orlando.  Logan was one of Micah's first play pals when the boys were "little."  Here's a link to a photo of the first time the boys met.  And here are Logan and Micah at the pool in Orlando.

On a separate note... Mark took Micah to his sleep study.  There was no chance Micah was going to let them put electrodes on his head.  So they went with just the respiratory part of the study, which is primarily what they were looking for anyway.  Micah slept very well that night, as did Mark.  Go figure.
(We do not have the results yet.)

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Laurie said...

About the sleep study...we were supposed to get one done for Chase, but I had Gavin instead, so we were supposed to reschedule and never did...partly due to laziness, and mostly due to the belief that Chase will have NOTHING to do with the sticky electrodes all over his head. You have just solidified my decision!!