A Little Something Extra

Monday, August 9, 2010

Orlando Photos - Downtown Disney

So... after seeing those pictures, do you think Daddy caved and bought the boy a Winnie the Pooh?

I wasn't there, but it appeared they had a good time!  I spent that day in an in-depth physical therapy session for pre-walking and early walking skills.  I learned a TON from Patricia C. Winders.  She helped us with some ideas of what to do to encourage Micah's walking.  Micah is 2 1/2 and not walking, definitely in the lower quartile of kids with Down syndrome.  The encouraging thing is that what really matters is that the foundation is solid.  It doesn't matter WHEN he walks, just that he walks correctly.  He's getting there.


Jonathan said...

Great Pooh pics. :) That is great to know about Micah. I'm so glad you were able to learn more about his walking. When he walks, we are all going to be cheering and crying tears of joy for him and you!

Anonymous said...

Well I think Oma was the one who said OK to getting toys. It was so fun.