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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Orlando photos - Chef Mickey

Welcome to the first of a few posts of photos taken on our trip to Orlando for the NDSC (National Down Syndrome Congress) conference.

We opted for a "breakfast with Mickey" at Chef Mickey (inside Disney's Contemporary Resort).  The food was great!  And the boys (well... two of them, anyway) really enjoyed it.  As I mentioned in last week's post, Micah was not a big fan.

But Oma calmed him down a bit.
Matthew thought this breakfast was pretty great (note... he's signing "please"). We will not harm your stomach by including the photos of him actually trying to SAY "cheese" when he had a mouth full of eggs (which was most of the time he was seated... that kid loves eggs).
Mark was due for a birthday celebration and he got a cupcake.
Micah had a reaction to sunscreen that morning and his eyes puffed up for a few hours.

Nathan was thrilled to meet the characters.  Before the breakfast he told us he didn't want an autograph book, but we figured he would change his mind once he saw the other kids getting autographs.  Good guess, Daddy.

And Matthew?  He just ADORED the characters!


my family said...

We did chef Mickey this past december,wasnt it fun? Poor willilam gets terribly red and puffy eyes with sunscreen too,last almost all day. Looks like you all had a fun time

ATLKrafts said...

that matthew is growing up! poor micah... maybe next time he will like it better!

Ruthann said...

Our Micah also has bad reactions to sunscreen. Severe actually. The red puffy eyes and face, eyes and nose running, and breathing trouble too. He gets a nebulizer so I have that on hand. A couple extra treaments and a good bath help a lot. But his eyes stay red for the day. I think I have found a kind (somewhat natural) that only gives him cold symptoms after a couple hours. Doesn't sound like Micah's reaction was that bad though. But still uncomfortable, I'm sure!