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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stone Mountain

The K family took a day off from their busy work schedules and we had a leisurely breakfast and then took all the boys (ages 3, 2, 15mos, 8mos, and 2mos) to Stone Mountain Park for a few hours. We survived!

Nathan by the water

Isn't this a lovely photo that Mark took?

Colleen with Aidan and Micah

Nathan and Aidan trying to get a drink


Nathan and Aidan waiting patiently in the line for tickets to the gondola up the mountain. We had told them we would be riding a train, but the train only runs Thur-Sun during the off-season, so we told them we were going to ride a "sky train." Hey, whatever works!

Cutie Caleb!

Matthew slept for almost the whole outing (not a bad thing)

The carving of Jackson, Lee, and Davis on the side of the mountain.

Andy with Aidan and Nathan at the top. It was windy and kind of chilly, so their walk was abbreviated.

Two sleeping boys by the time we arrived back at the K house

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