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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Atlanta friends

We stopped at the B house on the way to the H house to see their 3 boys. Their oldest is Nate, then comes Samuel (also in the photo), and then Samuel. I wish I had taken more photos there. We miss you, Patti and Beau!

Nate and Samuel with Nathan

Nathan with Brooke and Taylor

First photo of Nathan with Brooke and Taylor, taken when Nathan was about 2.5 weeks old!

Trike riding with Brooke

Okay, Brooke... are YOU the one who taught him to chew on his clothes? :-)

Micah and Davis

Brooke, Taylor, Nathan, Madeline, and Davis

Hey, girlfriend!

What'd I do?

Yep, I do think she's kinda cute! (that's Amy, by the way... Brooke and Taylor's baby sister, the one who prompted Nathan to ask for a baby sister back before we told him about Matthew)

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