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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nashville zoo trip

A super fun day with friends at the Nashville zoo.

Micah, Anna Kate, Brady, Nathan, and Brendan

This was Nathan and Brady back in 2005. Crazy!
Ann, me (and Matthew) and Mary

We have photos of the 3 of us in lots of fun places, and many of the photos were taken before we had digital cameras! This is a scanned photo from Mary's bachelorette party (1999!).

Micah at the zoo

The zoo had two beautiful white tiger cubs (born in Dec.)

Nathan, Brady, and Brendan

Daddy and the babies

Nathan looking at something...

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MommySecrets said...

Oh what fun memories!!
I love the before/after pics - it's crazy to see how much everyone has changed, and I'm so grateful for the lives we have today!