A Little Something Extra

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Photos from Heidi

Our sweet neighbor came over to take photos of Matthew last week. She did a great job of capturing each of the boys and she has posted some to her blog: they're fantastic! If you're interested in seeing them, click here. I'm almost embarrassed that I posted my amateur photos yesterday!


Jonathan said...

I saw them, and they're precious! But that doesn't make your snapshots any less worthy of posting. Your boys are beautiful.


Jessica said...

WOW, she is GOOD! I love the one of Nathan in blue with his bright blue eyes. And the first two of Matthew are precious! And I like the black and white of Micah.

Don't be embarrassed about your photos! Yours are great, too! Real life! I love seeing the pictures you post! :-)

Little Miss E said...

While the professional photos are wonderful, beautiful and amazing...so are YOUR pictures. No one can look at your child through the eyes of their mother, but you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on Heidi's photo session last sat. I took the girls and they had a great time. Heidi is so nice and her pictures are amazing! (and so are yours by the way)
Heidi posted a few pictures from Sat on her blog if you're interested.
Hope all is well. I haven't heard you mention about Micah and ENT stuff lately (or I missed it). Julia's tonsillectomy results have been fantastic. Call me if you want to chat tonsils. Or just to chat:)