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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crazy life

Yes, we're all home. Yes, everyone is surviving, though I don't think it would be possible without my mom here. I'm not quite capable of going one-on-three yet. Micah isn't making it any easier. He's fussing a lot overnight and has gone through some puking sessions the past couple of days (causing me to reduce the amount of food he's getting and that appears to be helping).

Matthew is doing great. He threw up for the first time this morning while I was at Bible study. But it appears to have been an isolated incident. He eats like a little piggy. And Micah pants like a puppy when he gets excited. And Nathan has always climbed like a monkey. So we have Piggy, Puppy, and Monkey.

I'll try to write more of an update later. But here are some long overdue photos.
Micah with his occupational therapist
Nathan making Valentine's with Oma
Nathan making cookies
Matthew's car seat study in the NICU on 2/13. Thanks for the cute Valentine's outfit, Mary. I would never have thought we'd use it two years in a row!!!

Matthew's last hour in the NICU

Can we go home now?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Enamored by the television

Welcome home, Matthew

Nathan feeding baby Matthew

Little piggy trying to hold his own bottle

All three boys (yes, Nathan was giving Matthew an un-prompted kiss)


ATLKrafts said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! I love the pictures... we have the same blue and brown doggie outfit-- so your guys will have one in a bigger size as well ;). i love the 3 together-- looks like crazy fun with P,P,M or M,N,M or however it works!

Melanie said...

Yeah!! It is so great to see you all at home together! Thanks for the update even though things are so hectic.

Mary said...

I just love these boys. I CAN'T wait to see you guys in person. Sending hugs today.

Kris said...

I'm so glad you are all home and settling in. Matthew sure looks bigger already! He is adorable. And I have no idea how you keep Micah's glasses on. Looks like lots of activity and lots of love :).


The Boltz Family said...

Just the most beautiful boys!!!

The Allberts said...

These are all precious!!

Rena said...

These are great photos! Three beautiful boys. I especially like the last one.
Thanks also for sharing the link to the professional ones. Wonderful shots.