A Little Something Extra

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Matthew is scheduled to be discharged on Sunday. The little stinker had an "episode" (stopped breathing briefly) on Tuesday at 2:00am. If it had been before midnight, it would have counted as a Monday episode and he could have gone home Saturday. Ugh. But he's doing great... eating like a little piggy (3-3.5 ounces per feeding). Can't wait to bring him home so that his brothers can do more than look at him through a window. But maybe having a solid surface between him and his brothers is not such a bad thing...

Micah is getting an x-ray today to check his adenoids. If it shows what his ENT thinks it will show, then he's going to get his adenoids removed along with tubes in his ears. The poor kid gets so stuffed up overnight that he's consistently waking around 3:00-3:30. "We" spray his nose with saline (okay, so lately that's been Mark's role). Then he wakes up again between 5:00-6:00am coughing and throwing up mucus (usually all over Mark, who I think has finally figured out that it's just better to not get dressed for work until Micah has his morning puking session).

I'm awaiting a call from cardiology to see if Micah can have this surgery done locally or whether it will require another visit to the OR at Children's. Oh, and for some reason Micah has lost about a 1/2 pound over the past 3 weeks. Hmm.


Andrea said...

Dear Jennie:

Just getting caught up. Sorry we keep missing each other by phone. Good idea to ride it out. The apnea monitor is a real pain -- and yes, false alarms are its specialty. I am sure you are getting worn down, but as always, you are doing a great job! Praying for you all.



Anonymous said...

Any word on Micah's xrays?
Julia had her tonsillectomy, ear cleaning (way too much wax), touched up her adenoids and dental cleaning (no cavities:o)) on wed and his home now. She did great and is even better now that we're home. Please call me if you want to talk tonsils. Hope you're getting enough rest.