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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Perfect hearing and hyper-inflated lungs

Micah passed his 6-month hearing tests today, praise God! His ear canals are quite small, making it difficult for doctors to see his inner ears. But all looks good at this point. We'll just need to be on top of any sort of illnesses because it's quite easy for little ones with tiny canals to get infections.

After the ENT appt, I decided to stop by the cardiology clinic to ask about a cough that Micah has had lately. I figured it would just be a nurse listening to make sure there's no fluid building up (he's only been off his diuretics for 2 weeks). The cardiologist was in and she listened as well. She opted to put Micah back on one of his diuretics for a bit and she ordered a chest x-ray. Now that Micah is 6 months old, he has to be upright for the chest x-rays. Next time he gets one I'll bring my camera. It's like a baby torture chamber. He had to sit sort of on a bicycle seat with his hands in the air and two semi-circular cones around his body and a strap behind his head. Needless to say, Micah didn't enjoy that very much.

Anyway... the cardiologist just called me (yes, at 9pm) because she just looked at the x-rays. It appears Micah's lungs are hyper-inflated, primarily the right one, which is probably why his liver is low (that was one of the reasons that she ordered the chest x-ray in the first place). She said his heart looks good, so something else must be causing the lung issue. He might be having some sort of aspiration (likely when he's refluxing) or he could have asthma, though she said he didn't sound asthmatic.

So tomorrow I get to call the pediatrician and ask what she'd like to do about the lung thing.

Tomorrow (Thursday) Micah sees the endocrinologist in Milwaukee for follow-up for his hypothyroidism. Since we're going anyway, we have an opportunity to see a speech therapist who is part of the feeding team at Children's. It makes sense to take advantage of this opportunity since we can't get Micah into the feeding clinic until November. Then on Friday, I take Nathan to Milwaukee for another laser treatment for his monster birthmark. That's never fun. He doesn't recover well from the anesthesia. Please pray he doesn't get sick on the way home.


RK said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the baby torture chamber, except Braska had to have it done at 4 months!! I couldn't watch.

Hope they can find a good answer to the lung issue very quickly.

Princess Abigail said...

Poor lil Micah, what a lot of stuff to have to go through little one. Tis a good thing you are such a feisty little one, methinks! We are sending out the positive vibes to help you through all these trials and tribulations with the doctors .. maybe you should come to France for your next X-Ray, they just let Mama hold your arms up for the xray snap, no tying you up or torture machines. Meet you at the airport after your appointment today, ok?????