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Friday, July 25, 2008

Nathan to Milwaukee

My friend, Betsy, watched Micah today while I took Nathan to Milwaukee for laser treatment for a birthmark (every other month for 7 treatments, we think... this was his 4th). Betsy's son said something like, "Can we have a baby who looks just like Micah? He's so cute." Isn't that the sweetest thing? I so appreciate this family taking care of Micah today. He enjoyed the attention and laughed at sweet James and Audrey.

Nathan has figured out what's going on with these trips to Milwaukee. He was fairly naive for a while, but on the way this morning he said, "I don't need to go doctor. I fine. I just fine." He was fine in the waiting room (toys, you know), but as soon as the nurse called his name he dropped to the floor on his tummy and cried. He recovered quickly, though, and was a really good boy. He did a bit better this time after he woke up with an IV line in his hand (compared to last time when he kept yanking on it). But he cried out A LOT on the way home. It's tough because he's completely exhausted because I have to wake him up so early in the morning to drive down there. But he's napping now, so all is peaceful here.

Micah's trip to Milwaukee yesterday was good. We need to get his bloodwork done to check his thyroid level again but I didn't feel like doing that yesterday. The nurse practitioner asked me a bunch of questions about Micah's development. She said that he's at 6 months for social development. He's way behind on gross motor skills (yep, knew that one). She kept saying how wonderful it is that he communicates back and forth with eye contact. Yes, that's our social little boy.

We also met with a speech pathologist. He had some new ideas for exercises. He also explained a bit about why Micah has an oral aversion. He thinks that because the tongue is the first part of the digestive system, he doesn't like anything touching his tongue because it initiates the process that is painful for him. He was pleased that Micah tolerates me messing with his cheeks (what, I HAVE to pinch his cheeks? oh, that's too much work for a mommy! :-) ) and that I can put my finger in his mouth as long as I don't touch his tongue (if I do, he gags, and we don't want that to happen often because then he might not let anything into his mouth).

Micah's last weight check put him at 14lbs 4 oz. He's gaining more than an ounce a day. He's chunking out big time. Oh, and the pediatrician doesn't seem concerned about the hyperinflated lung, so we're just supposed to watch for symptoms like wheezing or difficulty breathing. Whew. One less thing to worry about.

Happy weekend!


Tracy said...

It sounds like you are getting a lot of wonderful services for Micah--that is wonderful! Thanks for all the updates. As always, I love hearing how well he is doing. If I haven't told you already, you are great parents; Micah is a very lucky boy.

Princess Abigail said...

Hey Micah you're a real little warrior boy! Good on you! Sorry, did I say 'little'? Silly me - your measurements make me think you must be ENORMOUS! I think you and I probably share this in common (and probably loads of other things too that we have yet to discover!)ie: a difficult start but catching up fast and well! I was TINY when I was born and put on no weight for three months, and now I am a right little Miss Thunder Thighs! Just like you, if what your paediatrician is anything to go by!!! Keep it up Micah, you're doing great!