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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Holding up his head

Micah's neck is getting much stronger. He pulls off your shoulder more often these days and he's looking around. Here's his best tummy time:

His PT (physical therapist), Missy, who comes to the house once a week and is in the photo above, said that Micah is probably ready for a Bumbo seat. So we brought the Bumbo seat up from the basement and gave it a try. He leaned more than he should have on the front, but at least he held up his head.
Way to go, Micah!

The following photos are evidence contradicting the "they're always such happy children" comments. Micah wasn't too excited about his bouncy seat for some reason.

No, I don't make a habit of letting him get too worked up. He was just in one of those moods one afternoon where nothing was making him happy. Believe it or not, it happens to Micah. I'm not complaining, though, because he is a generally content baby.


Jonathan said...

Way to go, Micah!

And I have to say, he's awfully cute when he pouts. :)

You're all in our prayers!

Love from all of us!

-Jonathan's mom

Michelle said...

Your son is adorable! I love all his expressions in those photos :)

Kim said...

Oooh! That is too cute of him sitting in his bouncy seat. My friend took a picture of Mattie making the same face. I'm going to post it when she sends it to me:)

Princess Abigail said...

Micah, I like you!
What a fantastic scowl!
Love from Abigail
(The Bernard Bunch)

Rachel Smith said...

I have been reading your blog for the last hour...what better way to spend a Saturday night! My son Stockton has similar expressions to Micah and after laughing out loud multiple times I just had to post a note to let you know what a beautiful, sweet family you have! Mothers like you inspire me as I begin the journey of having a child with Down syndrome. Thank you for sharing your triumphs and your struggles. Can't wait to see more!